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Welcome to my private collection of dear friend and the one and only Tony Barone. As an art enthusiast, I had the privilege of collecting Tony Barone's remarkable artwork during the early years of his career, from 1973 to 1980. Each piece in this collection represents a unique glimpse into the artist's creative journey and showcases his exceptional talent.


- Stavros


​About my Tony Barone Art Collection

I'm thrilled to present the entire collection of Tony Barone's artwork opportunity. This exclusive collection comprises a diverse range of captivating pieces that showcase Barone's artistic journey and creative expression. From his early years as an artist in the 1970s to his thought-provoking works, this collection represents a comprehensive body of work. Each artwork has been meticulously curated to offer a glimpse into Barone's unique artistic vision. This collection is a testament to Barone's exceptional talent and his ability to capture emotions, explore societal themes, and push artistic boundaries. From sculptures to cutouts, pencil works to prints, each piece carries its own distinctive style, technique, and narrative. By acquiring the complete collection, you will have the opportunity to own a comprehensive representation of Tony Barone's artistic legacy. This is a rare chance to immerse yourself in the evolution of his artistry and own a piece of art history. I am offering the entire collection of artwork for the exceptional price of now for $117,500 (was $235,000). This is a significant reduction from the individual prices of the artworks, presenting a remarkable investment opportunity for art enthusiasts, collectors, and admirers of Barone's work. Please note that this collection is being sold as a whole and will not be broken up for individual sales. By acquiring the complete collection, you will gain an unparalleled and comprehensive insight into the artistic journey of Tony Barone. If you are interested in acquiring this remarkable collection or have any inquiries, I encourage you to reach out to me. This is a unique chance to own an extraordinary compilation of Tony Barone's artwork and become the custodian of his creative legacy. Thank you for your interest in Tony Barone's art. I look forward to assisting you in acquiring this exceptional collection. Onward, Stavros Strompolos

Hanging Man - Sculpture


Sculpture: 16" round diameter, weighing 30 pounds

Year: 1973


"Hanging Man" is a profoundly unique sculpture that serves as a moving dedication to the pain inflicted during the Vietnam War. Crafted in 1973, this artwork captures the essence of human suffering and resilience. The sculpture portrays a rough clay sculpted man, depicted in a nude form, hanging backward from a rope.


The sculpture's powerful imagery evokes a sense of vulnerability, inviting viewers to reflect upon the emotional weight carried by individuals impacted by the war. Through its raw and unpolished texture, "Hanging Man" communicates the harsh realities experienced by those affected by conflict.


This thought-provoking piece measures 16 inches in round diameter and weighs 30 pounds. It stands as a testament to Tony Barone's artistic vision and his ability to convey complex emotions through sculpture.


Please note that this artwork represents a truly exceptional piece of Tony Barone's early works, and its value extends beyond its physical presence. If you are drawn to its profound message and would like to add this sculpture to your collection, we are delighted to facilitate its acquisition.

My Barone's collection:

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